Susan Mikula, an accomplished American photographer and artist, has gained notoriety not only through her unique artistic vision but also as Rachel Maddow’s partner [1][2][3][4]. Born in New Jersey and having nurtured her penchant for photography from a tender age, Mikula has established herself in the art world, with her works celebrated in various cities including New York, Miami, and Los Angeles [1]. Utilizing older technology like pinhole and Polaroid cameras, she captures moments that resonate with warmth and nostalgia, drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Julian Schnabel and Joan Mitchell [1][2][3][4]. Beyond her professional endeavors, Mikula’s long-term relationship with Rachel Maddow, a figure synonymous with political commentary, has intrigued many [1][2][3][4].

This profile delves into the life of Susan Mikula, exploring her self-taught journey into photography, the inception and dynamics of her relationship with Rachel Maddow, and the challenges they’ve faced, including Mikula’s battle with COVID-19 [1][2][3][4]. As we uncover the layers of privacy and support that define their partnership, we also shine a light on their shared interests, lifestyle, and the profound impact Mikula has had on Maddow’s work and advocacy efforts [1][2][3][4].

Who is Susan Mikula?

Susan Mikula, born in New Jersey in 1958, embarked on her artistic journey at a young age, moving to New Hampshire where her family nurtured her love for photography [5]. Her passion for capturing moments led her to teach herself photography, eventually attending Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, to further hone her skills [1]. Mikula’s unique approach to photography, utilizing older technologies such as pinhole and Polaroid cameras, has distinguished her work in the art world. This blend of old and new techniques, including modifying vintage cameras and experimenting with no longer produced films, allows her to create images that capture the essence of her subjects without relying on modern digital manipulation [10][11].

Her professional career as a photographer took off with her first solo exhibition in 1998, marking the beginning of a series of successful shows across the United States [1]. Mikula’s work has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions in prominent cities like New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Notably, her exhibitions have showcased large-scale digital Duraflex prints and her innovative use of instant films, demonstrating her ability to push the boundaries of traditional photography. Her work captures a range of subjects, from carnivals to landscapes and industrial scenes, reflecting a deep interest in the passage of time, light, and the brutalist beauty found in industrialized places [1][6][8][9].

Beyond her exhibitions, Mikula’s art has gained recognition and permanence through the inclusion of her works in the Permanent Collection of the US Embassy in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, as part of the Art in Embassies program [1]. This acknowledgment not only highlights her talent but also her contribution to the cultural diplomacy efforts of the United States. Susan Mikula’s work, characterized by its complexity, beauty, and ambiguity, continues to intrigue and inspire audiences, making her a significant figure in contemporary photography [11].

Meeting Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula’s relationship began under the most unexpected of circumstances, evolving into a partnership that has lasted over two decades. In 1999, Mikula was in need of someone to do yard work at her home in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, and Maddow, at the time working on her doctoral dissertation, was hired for the task [5][16]. This seemingly mundane encounter laid the foundation for a profound connection between the two. Maddow herself has described the moment they met as ‘love at first sight,’ a sentiment that was clearly mutual, given the longevity and depth of their relationship [5].

Their first date was anything but conventional. Mikula chose an event called ‘Ladies Day on the Range’ hosted by the National Rifle Association for their initial outing. This choice of activity might seem unusual to some, but it was here, amidst the shooting, archery, and tomahawk throwing, that their bond began to solidify [6][16]. Both Maddow and Mikula share an interest in shooting firearms, a hobby that has been a part of their lives since then. Maddow humorously admits that despite their shared interest, Mikula possesses superior hand-eye coordination [16].

The early days of their relationship were marked by unique and memorable experiences. For their second date, they took a stroll in a cemetery in western Massachusetts, a setting that might seem unconventional to many. However, it was during this walk that Maddow took a significant fall, an incident Mikula recalls as the moment she fell in love with Maddow [16]. This mix of unconventional first dates and genuine moments of vulnerability and connection highlights the unique and enduring nature of their relationship, setting the stage for over two decades of companionship [5][16].

Susan’s Battle with COVID-19

In 2020, Susan Mikula faced a severe health challenge when she contracted COVID-19, a situation that profoundly impacted both her and Rachel Maddow. Mikula tested positive for the virus, leading Maddow to quarantine and adapt her professional life to continue hosting her show from home [18][19]. This period marked a significant shift in their lives, emphasizing the seriousness of the pandemic and its capacity to affect anyone, regardless of their public stature or personal precautions.

  • Mikula’s battle with COVID-19 was not only a personal health crisis but also a public testament to the virus’s severity. Her condition became critical, instilling fear for her life and causing Maddow to describe the experience as the “scariest thing” she’s ever been through [19][20][21]. This ordeal led Maddow to urge her viewers to take the virus more seriously, highlighting the unpredictability and seriousness of COVID-19 [20].
  • The couple took significant measures to mitigate the risk of transmission, living separately since Mikula’s diagnosis to prevent Maddow from contracting the virus. Despite testing negative, Maddow continued to care for Mikula while maintaining physical distance, showcasing a deep level of commitment and adaptation to the challenging circumstances [19][22].
  • Mikula’s recovery has been a slow and ongoing process, dealing with long-term symptoms including fatigue, headaches, and a cough. These lingering effects underscore the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and its long-term impact on individuals’ health. Mikula’s condition was critical at one point, but she is currently recovering, albeit still battling the virus’s long-term effects such as body aches and brain fog, which recur in an unpredictable manner [12][19][20].

This segment of their lives not only highlights the personal challenges faced by individuals during the pandemic but also serves as a reminder of the importance of health, resilience, and the support of loved ones in times of crisis.

Support Through Health Challenges

Throughout their relationship, Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula have demonstrated a profound level of support for each other, especially in the face of health challenges. This mutual support system has been crucial during difficult times, including Maddow’s battle with cyclical depression and Mikula’s health scares.

  • Rachel Maddow has been candid about her struggles with cyclical depression, a condition she has faced since her teenage years. Susan Mikula plays a pivotal role in helping Maddow manage her depression by encouraging her to maintain a healthy routine focused on exercise and adequate sleep. This support extends to recognizing the signs of a depressive episode and taking proactive steps to address it [5][12].
  • In 2021, Mikula’s attentive observation led to the early detection of a potentially serious health issue for Maddow. After noticing a change in a mole on Maddow’s neck, Mikula urged her to seek medical attention. This act of vigilance resulted in the early diagnosis and successful treatment of skin cancer, highlighting the importance of having a supportive partner who pays attention to even the smallest changes in one’s health [5][12].
  • During Mikula’s battle with COVID-19, Maddow took significant steps to ensure her partner’s safety and recovery. She adapted her professional life to work from home, allowing her to be close to Mikula while maintaining necessary precautions. Maddow’s public discussions about their experience emphasized the seriousness of the virus and the importance of public health guidelines. By sharing their personal ordeal, Maddow aimed to encourage others to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones from the virus [19][21][23].

The support Maddow and Mikula have for each other extends beyond mere companionship. It encompasses a deep understanding of each other’s health needs and a commitment to act for the well-being of one another. This mutual care and vigilance have not only strengthened their bond but also served as a powerful reminder of the importance of support systems in navigating health challenges.

The Role of Privacy

Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula, despite being together for over two decades, have chosen not to legally marry, reflecting their desire to maintain a certain level of privacy in their relationship [5][16]. This decision underscores a broader perspective shared by Maddow on the value of privacy and the significance of personal choice in defining the contours of a relationship. She has often highlighted the importance of her partnership with Mikula, describing her as the ‘center of my universe’ and ‘the organizing principle of my life,’ which indicates the depth of their connection and the central role it plays in her life [5][12]. Their choice to keep their relationship status private, coupled with Maddow’s appreciation for the creativity of subcultures in making relationships work, showcases a commitment to living on their own terms [16].

The couple’s lifestyle choices further reflect their preference for privacy and simplicity. They split their time between New York City and a historic farmhouse in rural Massachusetts, a setting that likely offers them a retreat from the public eye and a space where their relationship can flourish away from the scrutiny often associated with public figures [5]. This dual residence arrangement allows them both to engage with the bustling energy of the city and the tranquility of the countryside, providing a balanced backdrop for their life together. Interestingly, they have chosen not to have a TV in their Western Massachusetts home, perhaps as a way to foster closer personal connections and immerse themselves more fully in their rural surroundings [17].

Maddow’s views on marriage and relationships reveal a nuanced understanding of the value of privacy and autonomy. She believes that while people should have equal access to the rights and privileges of citizenship, the status of her own relationship remains a private matter [16]. This stance, along with their decision not to marry, speaks to a broader conversation about the nature of commitment and partnership in contemporary society. It reflects a conscious choice to define their relationship on their own terms, free from societal expectations or legal formalities. This approach to their personal life not only underscores the strength of their bond but also highlights their respect for each other’s individuality and their shared values [5][16].

Shared Interests and Lifestyle

Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula share a rich and diverse lifestyle, deeply rooted in their shared interests and the life they’ve built together over more than two decades [5][12][13][14][15][17]. The couple’s living arrangements reflect their preference for both the vibrant city life and the tranquility of the countryside. They split their time between a pre-Civil War era farmhouse in rural Massachusetts and a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan’s West Village, embodying their ability to appreciate and find balance between different environments [5][12][13][14][15][17]. This duality in their living situation allows them to engage in a variety of activities that cater to their interests, from the bustling streets of New York City during the week to the serene landscapes of Western Massachusetts on weekends [5][12][13][14][15][17].

Their shared interests extend beyond their residences. Maddow and Mikula enjoy a range of outdoor activities together, including walking their dog, biking, fishing, and archery, activities that not only allow them to spend quality time together but also to connect with nature and the outdoors [5][12]. Additionally, their home life showcases a blend of talents and preferences. Mikula has embraced the role of an avid home chef, a hobby that has likely enriched their time spent at home, while Maddow humorously admits to her culinary limitations, specifically mentioning her inability to cook an egg [17]. This dynamic illustrates the complementary nature of their relationship, where each partner brings their own strengths and interests to the table, creating a harmonious and fulfilling domestic life.

Interestingly, Mikula’s influence extends into Maddow’s professional life, particularly in the realm of fashion. Mikula has had a say in some of Maddow’s on-air fashion choices, encouraging her to wear makeup and influencing her attire [6]. This involvement indicates a level of mutual respect and support that transcends the personal and enters the professional, showcasing their deep connection and the significant role they play in each other’s lives. Through these glimpses into their shared interests and lifestyle, it becomes evident that Maddow and Mikula have cultivated a life that reflects their personalities, values, and love for one another.

Impact on Rachel’s Work

Susan Mikula’s influence on Rachel Maddow’s professional life is both profound and multifaceted, extending beyond personal support to tangible impacts on Maddow’s work and public persona. Maddow has frequently discussed LGBTQ+ issues on her MSNBC show, a platform where Mikula’s activism, through participation in protests and awareness campaigns, resonates with the content and advocacy efforts [7]. This synergy between their personal convictions and professional endeavors underscores a shared commitment to social justice and equality.

The collaborative nature of their relationship is evident in various professional milestones. For instance, Susan Mikula’s presence alongside Maddow during her book tour for ‘Drift’ not only provided moral support but also highlighted their partnership’s role in Maddow’s career achievements [24]. This support system extends to Maddow’s daily broadcast, “The Rachel Maddow Show,” which has become a cornerstone of MSNBC’s prime-time lineup since its debut in 2008. The show’s success, often surpassing competitors in ratings, can be attributed in part to the stability and encouragement Mikula provides, allowing Maddow to focus on delivering impactful content [25].

Maddow’s recent multiyear contract with NBCUniversal, which allows her to explore a wider array of projects beyond her nightly show, is another testament to Mikula’s influence [25]. This new agreement enables Maddow to engage in podcasts, documentaries, film adaptations, and other long-form projects under her production company, Surprise Inside [25]. Mikula’s encouragement and support have been instrumental in Maddow’s willingness to diversify her professional pursuits, reflecting a partnership that thrives on mutual respect and shared aspirations [24][25].

Advocacy and Awareness

Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula have long been at the forefront of LGBTQ+ activism and philanthropy, contributing significantly to the visibility and support of the LGBTQ+ community through various avenues. Their active involvement in LGBTQ+ causes has been impactful in several ways:

  • Donations and Fundraising: They have made generous contributions to organizations such as GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, and the Trevor Project, which work tirelessly to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and provide support to the community [7]. These donations help fund essential services, outreach programs, and advocacy efforts that aim to achieve equality and acceptance for LGBTQ+ individuals.
  • Media Visibility: By openly sharing their relationship and experiences as a lesbian couple, Maddow and Mikula have played a crucial role in normalizing same-sex relationships and increasing the visibility of LGBTQ+ couples in the media. This visibility is crucial in challenging stereotypes and fostering a society that embraces diversity and inclusivity [7].
  • Public Advocacy: Beyond financial contributions, both Maddow and Mikula have actively participated in protests, awareness campaigns, and lobbied for pro-LGBTQ+ legislation [7]. Their public advocacy efforts extend to Maddow’s platform on her MSNBC show, where she frequently discusses LGBTQ+ issues, further amplifying the conversation around LGBTQ+ rights and challenges [7].

Their advocacy extends beyond LGBTQ+ issues to broader societal concerns. During critical times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Maddow utilized her platform to emphasize the importance of taking the virus seriously, not only for individual safety but also for the well-being of loved ones [7]. She urged viewers to support healthcare workers and adhere to precautions to slow the virus’s spread, highlighting the interconnectedness of personal actions and community health [7].

Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula’s commitment to advocacy and awareness is a testament to their dedication to making a difference, both within the LGBTQ+ community and society at large. Through their philanthropy, visibility, and public advocacy, they have contributed significantly to advancing LGBTQ+ rights and fostering a more inclusive and understanding world [7].


Throughout this article, we have journeyed through the lives of Susan Mikula and Rachel Maddow, exploring Mikula’s self-taught photography career, their unique relationship, and the shared challenges they’ve faced, including Mikula’s battle with COVID-19. Their story is one of mutual respect, deep connection, and unwavering support for each other, both in personal health challenges and professional endeavors. Their commitment to privacy, alongside their active involvement in advocacy and philanthropy, illustrates how they have navigated the complexities of a public life while maintaining the integrity of their personal values and relationship.

The significance of Mikula’s influence on Maddow’s work and their collective impact on LGBTQ+ advocacy and awareness cannot be overstated. By intertwining their personal experiences with broader social issues, they have leveraged their platforms to foster a more inclusive society. As they continue to navigate life’s challenges together, their story serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of partnership, the importance of privacy and personal choice, and the impactful role of advocacy in effecting societal change. Their lives, both individually and as a couple, highlight the profound impact of love, support, and shared values in overcoming obstacles and making a difference in the world.


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