Matthew Garrison Chapman emerges from a lineage steeped in musical and artistic talent, born on September 25th, 1987, in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, USA [1]. As the eldest offspring of the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Amy Grant and Christian musician Gary Chapman, Matthew’s life is inherently intertwined with a rich musical legacy [1]. Alongside his siblings, Gloria Mills Chapman, Sarah Cannon Chapman, and Corrina Grant Gill (his half-sister), he forms part of a closely-knit family unit, embodying the creative and entrepreneurial spirit passed down through generations [1].

Despite the limelight that naturally accompanies his family name, Matthew Garrison Chapman has carved his own path as a businessman and musician, integrating the essence of his heritage into his career [1]. With a life that extends beyond the public’s gaze, his personal achievements and ventures into music and business demonstrate a commitment to carrying forward the Chapman legacy while forging his own identity [1]. This article delves into the life, achievements, and the multifaceted personality of Matthew Garrison Chapman, exploring his journey from a celebrated family background to his current projects and aspirations, all the while maintaining a sense of privacy in an ever-watchful public eye [1].

Early Years and Family Background

Matthew Garrison Chapman’s early life was marked by his birth into a family deeply rooted in the music industry, being the eldest child of Amy Grant and Gary Chapman, both of whom have made significant contributions to contemporary Christian music [1][2][3]. Born on September 25, 1987, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Matthew’s upbringing was inevitably influenced by the artistic and musical environment provided by his parents’ careers [1][2]. As a child of celebrated musicians, his life from the beginning was intertwined with the rhythms of Christian music and the nuances of public attention [3][6].

  • Family Dynamics:
    • Parents’ Marital History: Matthew experienced his parents’ divorce at the age of 12, an event that significantly impacted his family life [1]. Amy Grant and Gary Chapman’s marriage, which lasted from 1982 until their divorce in 1999, was followed by their separate paths; Amy Grant later married country singer Vince Gill, while Gary Chapman married Jennifer Pittman and, after another divorce, Cassie Pierson [6].
    • Siblings: Matthew has three younger siblings, Corrina Grant Gill, Sarah Cannon Chapman, and Gloria Mills Chapman, with whom he shares a close bond, further enriching his family’s narrative [1][6].
  • Parental Influence and Wealth:
    • Amy Grant’s Achievements: As the son of Amy Grant, who has an impressive net worth of $55 million, Matthew grew up in an environment where music and success were pivotal elements of his upbringing [1].
    • Gary Chapman’s Contributions: Gary Chapman, with a net worth of $5 million, also played a crucial role in shaping Matthew’s early years through both his musical legacy and his roles as a contemporary Christian singer and talk show host [1][6].

Navigating his childhood in such a unique family setting, Matthew Garrison Chapman was exposed to the complexities of living under the spotlight from an early age. Despite the challenges posed by his parents’ divorce and the pressures of celebrity status, Matthew’s early years were filled with the rich musical heritage of his family, setting the stage for his own journey into music and entrepreneurship [1][6].

Personal Achievements

Matthew Garrison Chapman’s journey in the music industry is marked by his multifaceted roles as a musician, collaborator, and producer, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft. His achievements include:

  • Musical Career: Following in the footsteps of his renowned parents, Matthew has carved out his own niche in the music world. He is celebrated for his vocal prowess, lyrical craftsmanship, and captivating live performances, which have earned him multiple Grammy Awards [11]. The breadth of his musical influence spans various genres, including country, pop, and R&B, reflecting a rich tapestry of influences that inform his unique sound [12].
  • Songwriting and Production: As a songwriter, Matthew is known for his ability to craft meaningful and enduring songs that often draw upon biblical themes, making them beloved worship anthems. His collaborative approach to songwriting has resulted in award-winning projects, such as the albums ‘Heart in Motion’ and ‘Behind the Eyes’ [11]. In his role as a producer, he has significantly shaped the sound of his own music as well as that of other artists, demonstrating his keen ear and creative vision [11].
  • Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy: Beyond the realm of music, Matthew has ventured into entrepreneurship, notably founding LabCanna, a cannabis company in Nashville, where he serves as president and chief technology officer [2]. This move into the business world showcases his willingness to explore new territories and leverage his influence for broader societal impact. Additionally, his philanthropic efforts further underline his commitment to making a positive difference in the community [11].

Matthew Garrison Chapman’s personal achievements stand as a testament to his hard work, talent, and the legacy of his family’s musical heritage. His journey from Berklee College of Music to the global stages, alongside his successful ventures into business and philanthropy, paint a picture of a dynamic individual who continues to inspire and influence both within and beyond the music industry [5][11][12].

The Musician Within

Matthew Garrison Chapman’s dual identity as both a businessman and musician showcases a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and artistic flair that distinguishes him in both realms [1]. His endeavors in the music industry, inspired by his rich family heritage, have seen him evolve into a Christian musician whose work deeply resonates with faith-based communities [13]. Chapman’s ability to blend soulful vocals with powerful anthems has not only made him a beloved figure in the Christian music scene but also highlighted his vocal prowess and range, captivating audiences and earning him recognition [11].

Chapman’s musical journey is marked by significant collaborations with a diverse array of artists, evidencing his versatility and commitment to his craft. He has performed and recorded with notable figures such as Gary Burton, Rashied Ali, and Joni Mitchell, among others, showcasing his adaptability across different genres and settings [5]. This extensive collaboration underscores Chapman’s deep engagement with the music world, reflecting a broad spectrum of influences that enrich his own musical output.

Furthermore, Chapman’s faith-based music has struck a chord within the Christian community, offering messages of hope and solace through his emotive and soulful vocals [11]. His work in the music industry, paralleled by his ventures in the business sector, paints a picture of a multifaceted individual who successfully navigates the complexities of living under the limelight while staying true to his roots and values [1].

Enterpreneurship and Business Ventures

Matthew Garrison Chapman’s entrepreneurial journey is deeply intertwined with his family’s creative and pioneering spirit. In 2016, he founded LabCanna, a cannabis company based in Nashville, Tennessee, marking a significant venture into the burgeoning hemp and CBD market [2][14][15]. As the president and chief technology officer, Matthew has played a pivotal role in steering the company towards innovation and growth, leveraging his background and network to position LabCanna as a leader in the industry [2][14][15]. His decision to enter the cannabis space was notably influenced by his mother’s non-traditional career as a Christian rock star, demonstrating a willingness to explore unconventional paths [2].

  • Family Collaboration:
    • Amy Grant, Matthew’s mother, provided crucial support by offering greenhouse space on her Tennessee farm for LabCanna’s first crop, showcasing the collaborative spirit within the Chapman family [2].
    • Gary Chapman, Matthew’s father, serves as the community outreach director at LabCanna, further cementing the family’s involvement in the business [2].
    • Sarah Cannon Besenius, Matthew’s sister, plays a vital role as the chief operating officer and owner, while her husband, Derek Besenius, holds the position of chief executive officer, highlighting the business as a family-driven endeavor [14][15].

LabCanna’s achievements include being the first company to receive a license to process hemp in Tennessee in 2017, a milestone that underscores Matthew’s vision and the company’s pioneering status in the state’s cannabis industry [9]. This venture not only reflects Matthew’s entrepreneurial acumen but also his commitment to contributing positively to the community through the development of hemp and CBD products [1][9]. With LabCanna specializing in distributing hemp-based products, Matthew, alongside his brother-in-law Derek Besenius, has navigated the complexities of the cannabis market, demonstrating resilience and innovation [9][15].

Living Under the Limelight

Matthew Garrison Chapman, like many individuals born into prominent families, has navigated the delicate balance of living in the public eye while maintaining a private life. His decision to stay away from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a testament to his preference for privacy over public visibility [6]. This choice, while uncommon in today’s digital age, reflects a broader trend among some public figures who opt to keep their personal lives away from the scrutiny of the online world. Similarly, the specifics of his personal life, including his marital status, remain undisclosed, aligning with his overall approach to privacy [1].

Despite the fame associated with his family name, Matthew has faced challenges unique to those in the limelight, including public scrutiny and the pressure to live up to familial expectations [3]. This aspect of his life mirrors the experiences of other artists who have sought to balance their public personas with a desire for privacy. For instance, Tracy Chapman, renowned for her hit “Fast Car,” has adeptly managed fame and privacy by establishing clear boundaries between her work and personal life, living in San Francisco and keeping her love life private [16]. Chapman’s approach to privacy, including not naming romantic partners in interviews, has allowed her to maintain a sense of personal space, which she values as an artist [16].

In his free time, Matthew enjoys camping and working on various projects, activities that likely offer a respite from the demands and expectations of public life [2]. His net worth, not publicly available, further underscores his commitment to a private lifestyle, a choice that resonates with many who seek to separate their personal identity from their public image [1]. This approach to life, characterized by a deliberate distancing from the public eye, allows individuals like Matthew Garrison Chapman to pursue their passions and interests without the constant oversight and judgment that often accompany fame [1][2].

Matthew’s Personal Philosophies

Matthew Garrison Chapman’s commitment to philanthropy is a significant facet of his personal philosophy, reflecting a deep sense of responsibility towards society and an earnest desire to contribute positively through his platform. He is actively involved in charitable work, focusing his efforts on supporting causes that resonate with him personally [11]. This dedication to giving back not only highlights his compassionate nature but also sets an example for how individuals with influence can leverage their positions for the greater good.

  • Charitable Initiatives: Chapman’s involvement in various charitable organizations and initiatives demonstrates his commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s through financial contributions, participating in fundraising events, or using his public appearances to advocate for important causes, his efforts contribute significantly to the communities and causes he supports [11].
  • Impact on Community: The impact of Chapman’s philanthropic work extends beyond the immediate beneficiaries of his charity. By using his platform to highlight important issues and encourage others to contribute, he fosters a culture of generosity and awareness. This ripple effect can lead to increased support for the causes he champions, amplifying the positive impact of his charitable endeavors [11].

Matthew Garrison Chapman’s approach to philanthropy is a testament to his belief in the power of collective action and the importance of using one’s resources and influence to support meaningful causes. His active involvement in charitable work is not only a reflection of his personal values but also serves as an inspiration for others to engage in philanthropy and make a difference in their communities [11].

Privacy in the Public Eye

Matthew Garrison Chapman’s approach to privacy, especially in an era where social media presence is almost considered a necessity, is notably distinct. He does not maintain active profiles on major platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok [1]. This deliberate choice to steer clear of the public eye on social media platforms is a reflection of his preference for a more private lifestyle, a rarity among individuals of his familial and professional stature. Furthermore, his decision to manage his privacy through LinkedIn’s User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy [17] showcases a strategic approach to controlling how much of his personal life is shared with the public.

Regarding his personal life, Matthew Garrison Chapman is allegedly unmarried as of 2023, and there is no public information available about any children [1]. This lack of detail extends to his relationship status, which remains a mystery, further emphasizing his commitment to keeping his personal life out of the public domain [9] [6]. His net worth is also difficult to ascertain due to his private lifestyle, leaving many aspects of his financial achievements and career milestones a subject of speculation rather than public record [1].

In contrast to Matthew’s reserved public persona, the late Beth Chapman, a reality TV star known for her battle with cancer, adopted a different approach to privacy. Beth openly shared her journey with her fans, from her diagnosis of Stage 2 throat cancer in September 2017 to her optimistic fight against the disease, her surgery, and her advocacy for alternative treatments like CBD and THC products [18]. Beth’s faith and her willingness to share her personal struggles with the public made her a source of inspiration for many, highlighting how public figures choose to navigate their privacy in varied ways [18].

Current Projects and Future Aspirations

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The Chapman Legacy Continues

The Chapman legacy, deeply rooted in music and entrepreneurship, continues to flourish through the lives of Matthew Garrison Chapman and his siblings, each contributing to the family’s illustrious narrative in their unique ways.

  • Gloria Mills Chapman, Matthew’s sister, has ventured into family life, marrying Ben Long and welcoming their daughter, Penelope Willow, into the world [2]. This addition to the family represents the next generation of Chapmans, poised to carry forward the legacy of creativity and passion that defines their lineage.
  • Meanwhile, Corrina Grant Gill, Matthew’s half-sister, is making her mark in the music industry. Following the footsteps of her musical forebears, she released her debut EP, “Here For Holding,” in November 2023 [2]. This achievement not only underscores the enduring musical talent within the Chapman family but also signals the continuation of their significant contributions to the music world.
  • Despite the unconventional nature of Matthew’s business venture in the cannabis industry, his parents, Amy Grant and Gary Chapman, have shown unwavering support [9]. This solidarity within the family, even in the face of backlash from some quarters due to the perceived ‘unchristlike’ nature of the industry, highlights the Chapmans’ commitment to individuality and entrepreneurship. The net worths of Amy Grant at $55 million and Gary Chapman at $5 million [6] [1] underscore the financial success they’ve achieved, which undoubtedly provides a foundation of support and encouragement for Matthew and his siblings as they pursue their diverse paths.

The Chapman family’s journey illustrates a confluence of music, entrepreneurship, and familial support, showcasing a legacy that is not only about maintaining the status quo but also about embracing change and innovation.


Matthew Garrison Chapman’s life story encapsulates a journey of carrying forward a rich family legacy while also paving his own distinct path in both the music and business realms. His individual achievements, from Grammy Awards to entrepreneurial ventures with LabCanna, underscore a deep engagement with his passions and a commitment to excellence. Through navigating the challenges of living under public scrutiny, Matthew has managed to keep a balance between public exposure and personal privacy, which is a testament to his complex identity as both a public figure and a private individual.

The broader implications of Matthew’s endeavors highlight the ongoing Chapman legacy of creativity, philanthropy, and innovative entrepreneurship. His story is not just a narrative of personal success but also serves as an inspiration for how to blend familial heritage with personal vision. As Matthew continues to contribute to his family’s storied history, his journey serves as a compelling narrative of perseverance, privacy, and the nuanced balance of legacy and individuality in the modern age.


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