Gabe Solis, born in Palacios, Texas, to Mexican parents, embarked on a life full of varied pursuits and achievements. Before stepping into the limelight, he dedicated a significant portion of his life serving in the US Air Force for a decade, demonstrating a commitment to discipline and service[1]. Solis’s academic and professional pursuits led him to Georgia State University, where he earned a degree in computer science, eventually applying his knowledge in a customer service role at a cell phone company[1].

However, it was Solis’s personal life, particularly his marriage to Trina Braxton—a 12-year union that both enchanted and intrigued the public eye—that positioned him within the wider public consciousness[2]. The couple’s journey, marred by challenges and triumphs, was candidly shared with the world through appearances on the reality show ‘Braxton Family Values’ and an emotional episode of ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ in early 2018[2]. Despite the prominence and scrutiny that came with his marriage, Solis maintained a private battle with illness, one that remained a secret up until his unexpected passing in 2018, leaving fans and loved ones in shock[2].

Who Was Gabe Solis?

Gabe Solis, born on December 3, 1974, in Palacios, Texas, to Mexican parents, embarked on a multifaceted life journey that spanned various roles and achievements before his untimely death at 44 years old on December 20, 2018, in Texas, USA [4]. Raised in the Catholic faith, Solis was instilled with values of hard work, earning, and saving money from a young age, principles he later passed on to his children [6]. His early life saw him enlisting in the Air Force at 19, where he served for four years as a counselor helping people move, an experience that highlighted his dedication to service and community [1].

Solis’s academic and professional pursuits were as diverse as his personal interests. After honorably discharging from the Air Force, he worked at a cell phone company for five years. His quest for further education led him to Georgia State University on the HOPE scholarship, where he earned a degree in computer information [1]. Beyond his technical career, Solis was a talented musician, often performing with his guitar and singing at various venues, including coffee shops, jazz clubs, weddings, and charity events, showcasing his artistic side [6]. His engagement with the community extended to his role as the Executive Director of the Texas After Violence Project (TAVP), where his work and writings contributed significantly to social justice causes, earning him the 2018 Pushcart Prize for nonfiction [7].

Solis’s personal life was equally rich and complex. He met Trina Braxton, a reality TV star and member of the musical Braxton family, at an Atlanta bar called American Pie, marrying her in 2001. The couple had two sons together, and Solis also served as a father figure to Braxton’s two sons from a previous relationship, underscoring his commitment to family [1][9]. Despite the challenges in their marriage, including public scrutiny and personal tribulations that led to their divorce in 2013, Solis’s role in Braxton’s family and his appearance on shows like ‘Braxton Family Values’ and ‘Iyanla, Fix My Life’ left an indelible mark on public memory [2]. His battle with pancreatic cancer, a struggle he kept private, ended with his passing surrounded by family and friends, leaving behind a legacy of resilience, creativity, and service [5][9][13].

Marriage with Trina Braxton

Trina Braxton and Gabe Solis tied the knot in 2003, marking the beginning of a relationship that would captivate audiences on reality television. Their marriage, lasting for 12 years, was not without its challenges, including accusations of infidelity that led to their filing for divorce in 2013[1][12][13][14][17][18][20][21]. Despite the tumultuous times, the couple’s journey was closely followed by fans, especially through their appearances on “The Braxton Family Values,” which chronicled not only the highs and lows of their marriage but also their efforts to maintain a friendship post-divorce[11][18].

  • Children and Co-parenting: While Trina and Gabe did not have children together, Gabe played a significant role in the lives of Trina’s two sons from a previous relationship, Eric and Caleb Mojica, serving as a father figure to them[9][17][18][21]. Their commitment to co-parenting and maintaining a healthy environment for the children was evident, even as they navigated their own complex relationship dynamics[17].
  • Public Appearances and Working on Their Friendship:
    • The couple’s willingness to work on their friendship, even after their marriage had ended, was publicly displayed when they appeared on an episode of OWN’s “Iyanla: Fix My Life.” Here, they sought guidance to mend their relationship and address the challenges that had plagued their union[5][12][13].
    • Their appearances on reality TV did not just highlight their struggles but also their ongoing efforts to support each other. This aspect of their relationship resonated with many viewers, showcasing the possibility of maintaining a friendship even after a romantic relationship ends[11][18].

Despite the end of their marriage in 2015, Trina and Gabe’s relationship continued to evolve, characterized by mutual respect and a shared commitment to their family. Their story, from being married to becoming friends, reflects the complexities of relationships in the public eye and the personal growth that can emerge from facing such challenges together[9][17][18][20].

The Battle with Cancer

Gabe Solis’s battle with cancer remained a closely guarded secret, one that he bore with remarkable privacy and dignity until his passing in December 2018. Despite the public nature of his life, especially being married to Trina Braxton and appearing on “Braxton Family Values,” Solis chose to keep his health struggles away from the limelight, a decision that left many fans and even close friends unaware of the severity of his condition until after his death [19] [20] [21] [22].

  • Diagnosis and Privacy: Solis was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several months before his death, a fact that was kept from the public eye and even from many who were close to him [21]. This decision to maintain privacy about his condition was driven by a desire not to worry his loved ones, reflecting his protective nature even in his most challenging times [21].
  • Final Days: Solis died at his home in Texas, surrounded by friends and family, a testament to the love and respect he garnered throughout his life [19]. Despite his illness, he continued to present a healthy facade on social media, posting photos that showed no signs of his battle with cancer just weeks before his passing [20]. This act underscores the strength and resilience he maintained, choosing to share moments of joy and normalcy rather than his struggles [20].
  • Public and Private Battle: The news of his death due to cancer came as a shock to many, including his fans who had followed his journey on television but were unaware of his battle with cancer [13] [19]. His health issues had been meticulously kept under wraps, leading to a widespread sense of surprise and mourning at the news of his passing [20].

Gabe Solis’s approach to his illness and the discretion with which he handled his battle with cancer speaks volumes about his character. Choosing to face his diagnosis with a select few by his side, he shielded his family, friends, and fans from the pain of his illness, all the while maintaining a semblance of normalcy in the public eye. This aspect of his journey, marked by bravery and a profound sense of privacy, adds a poignant chapter to his life story, one that is remembered with respect and admiration.

Public Reaction to His Passing

The public reaction to Gabe Solis’s passing was a profound mix of shock, grief, and support, reflecting the wide-reaching impact he had on those who knew him and those who followed his life through the media. The manner in which the news of his death was disseminated added layers of complexity to the already somber situation.

  • The premature leak of Solis’s death on social media platforms before all family members were informed caused considerable distress, with some family and friends finding out about the tragic news through these unofficial channels [5][9]. This breach of privacy and protocol around such a sensitive matter was a source of additional pain for those close to Solis.
  • Trina Braxton, Solis’s ex-wife, took to her Instagram account to share the news of his passing, a move that opened the floodgates for fans and followers to express their condolences and support [13]. The outpouring of grief and sympathy was immediate, with fans flooding Braxton’s account with messages of support, indicating the depth of feeling towards Solis and his family during this difficult time [16].
  • Beyond the immediate circle of family and friends, the wider public also shared in the mourning of Solis’s death. Media coverage was extensive, reflecting his status as a public figure and the shock that accompanied the news of his untimely passing [10]. Fans and the general public alike expressed their grief and support through social media and online forums, showcasing a collective sense of loss and the impact Solis had made on many lives [10][11][18].

This widespread reaction underscores the complexity of grieving in the public eye, where personal loss intersects with public sympathy. The support and prayers offered by fans [11] were a testament to the affection and respect Solis commanded, both as a public figure and as a person.

Trina Braxton’s Response

Trina Braxton’s response to the passing of Gabe Solis was marked by a blend of sorrow, dignity, and a call for privacy during a time of profound grief. She took to social media to express her sadness and to share the news of Solis’s death, which occurred on December 20, 2018, but was not publicly announced until December 22, 2018. Braxton’s posts included cryptic messages that hinted at her emotional state, such as “I need a HUG…E bottle of wine” and “One day your Test will be your Testimony keep going,” reflecting her attempt to find solace and strength amidst the tragedy [5][23].

  • Braxton was deeply saddened by the sudden loss of her ex-husband and publicly expressed her grief on social media, requesting privacy and respect as the family grieves Gabe Solis’s unexpected departure [8][5].
  • She issued a statement regarding his death, apologizing for how some discovered the news through social outlets and asking for privacy and respect as they grieve. This apology extended directly to the Solis Family for the unexpected manner in which they learned of his passing [9].
  • Despite the pain, Braxton’s commitment to her family and the memory of Gabe Solis remained evident. She announced that ‘Braxton Family Values’ would be returning for another season on WEtv, featuring her engagement and grieving process following Solis’s death, showcasing her journey of healing and remembrance [17][18].

The manner in which Trina Braxton navigated this deeply personal loss in the public eye underscores her strength and grace. Her requests for privacy and respect highlight the challenges of grieving when one’s life is under public scrutiny, and her heartfelt statements serve as a tribute to the complex relationship she shared with Solis.

Remembering Gabe Solis

Gabe Solis’s journey through life, love, and personal challenges has left a lasting memory for many who knew him and those who followed his story through the media. Remembered as a loving father and a kind-hearted individual, Solis’s narrative underscores the importance of cherishing life and family. His efforts to address personal mistakes openly, particularly in his relationship with Trina Braxton, reveal a man committed to growth and accountability[17].

  • Apology on ‘Braxton Family Values’:
    • In a memorable episode of ‘Braxton Family Values’, Solis took a significant step by publicly apologizing for his infidelity[24]. This moment was poignant as it showed his willingness to confront his actions and seek forgiveness, albeit the execution—marked by smirking and laughter—left audiences questioning the sincerity of his apology[24].
    • His announcement of being referred to a sex addiction therapist highlighted his acknowledgment of the issues he faced and his readiness to seek help[24]. This openness about seeking therapy was a notable moment, reflecting his commitment to overcoming personal challenges and improving his relationships[24].

Solis’s story, though marked by its share of controversies, is a testament to the complexities of human relationships and the potential for personal growth. His life, as showcased through his public apologies and attempts at reconciliation, serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability, the pursuit of healing, and the value of family bonds[17][24].

The Legacy of ‘Braxton Family Values’

“Braxton Family Values,” airing on WeTV from 2011 to 2021, chronicled the lives of the Braxton sisters and their mother, offering viewers a deep dive into their personal and professional experiences. The show’s impact extended beyond entertainment; it served as a significant platform for the sisters, particularly Tamar, who leveraged the show’s popularity to launch her solo music career, releasing two albums during its run. Traci and Trina Braxton also pursued solo projects, showcasing the diverse talents within the family [25] [26].

The series’ final seasons were marked by controversy, including disputes over pay and Tamar’s publicized suicide attempt, leading to her departure from the show. She openly criticized WeTV, sharing her feelings of betrayal and exploitation. This period was a tumultuous time for the family, further complicated by Traci Braxton’s passing from esophageal cancer in 2022. Despite these challenges, the Braxton family announced their return to WeTV with a new series titled “The Braxtons,” aiming to explore their lives amidst the pandemic and coping with the loss of Traci. This new venture promises to delve into love, success, heartbreak, and the intricate dynamics of family life [26] [27].

The upcoming episodes are set to capture the fast-paced lives of the Braxton sisters as they navigate relationships, motherhood, and careers, all while maintaining their unbreakable bond. The series will highlight Toni’s Las Vegas residency, Towanda’s balance between business and motherhood, and Trina’s efforts in managing her businesses and raising her sons. Notably, the series will also feature Trina attending counseling sessions, hinting at a focus on personal growth and addressing interpersonal issues within the family. This inclusion suggests a continued commitment to showcasing real and relatable experiences, resonating with viewers who have followed the Braxtons through their highs and lows [27] [28].

Support for the Braxton and Solis Families

Trina Braxton and Gabe Solis shared a life that included raising two sons together, a testament to their intertwined lives and shared commitments, even beyond their marriage[11]. Their story, deeply embedded in the hearts of those who followed their journey, underscores the importance of family unity and support, especially during times of loss and hardship.

In a recent turn of events, the Solis family faced another tragedy with the passing of Chris Solis in a car accident, plunging the family into not only emotional but also financial distress[29]. The sudden loss has brought to light the challenges that unexpected events can pose to families, highlighting the precarious nature of coping with grief while managing financial obligations.

To alleviate the financial strain on the Solis family during this difficult period, a call for donations has been made[29]. This initiative aims to provide the necessary support to cover funeral expenses and other related costs, offering a way for friends, fans, and the community to extend their support and solidarity with the family in their time of need. The gesture of donating not only aids in addressing the immediate financial concerns but also serves as a reflection of the collective empathy and compassion that the community holds for the family, reinforcing the notion that in times of tragedy, support can manifest in various forms to help those affected navigate through their darkest times.


The narrative of Gabe Solis and his interconnected life with Trina Braxton, underscored by his courageous battle with cancer and his unexpected departure, leaves a significant imprint on the hearts of those who knew him and the public that followed their story. Through the candid sharing of their lives on “Braxton Family Values,” we’ve observed the essence of human complexity, resilience, and the profound impact of facing life’s adversities with grace. This story not only memorializes Solis’s legacy but also sheds light on the importance of cherishing every moment and the values of family and forgiveness in navigating the complexities of life and relationships.

As we reflect on the journey shared in this article, it is clear that the legacy of Gabe Solis, coupled with the ongoing narrative of the Braxton family, continues to resonate with many. Their experiences offer insights into the dynamics of public life, the strength found in vulnerability, and the power of familial bonds in overcoming personal and public challenges. This story serves as a reminder of our shared humanity, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the intricate tapestry of life’s triumphs and tragedies.



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